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Do you want to stand out on social media, generate more page views and leads? The VR Media Viewer allows a 360 degrees view around the house, just like a real home visit. Actually better: it's a complete and interactive presentation that will dazzle your clients and has a strong call to action.


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Unleash your sales potential with the Virres Media Viewer

Looking For An Exclusive Presentation Of Your Listings?

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Increase Exposure & Traffic

New and exiting viewer techniques will attract more attention and interest. You can expect up to 25% click trough ratio.

Targeted Audience

Do you want to bring your core message to a specific targeted group? This social media based viewer system is build to adapt to different audiences.

Well Informed Clients

This viewer combines information from different sources in a multi layered environment. Everything your client needs to know is there and accessible.

High Accessibility

This streaming viewer is optimized for all digital environments. It's compatible with all operating systems on phone, tablet or computer.

Social Media Management

This is the first functional professional VR system designed for interactive social media campaigns. Create a virtual open house with a clear call to action.

Virtual open house

With our services your property has a virtual open-house 24/7. As an illustration, virtual tours reduce the amount of wasted viewings by 40%


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Hot Design

Intelligent design creates a soft and inviting environment where the client becomes a part of the experience. The contstant feed of new information triggers curiosity.

Bright Ideas

We build systems to help you get from digital to social interaction. The soft and inviting environment keeps clients motivated to stay and listen to your message. All of it.

Create Leads

This system is not a shop window, but a door. We inspire and invite the client to interact, to step out of the digital world and make contact.

Cutting Edge Tech

Forget off-the-shelf technology, we create new technology with your needs in mind.

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VIRRES VR Media Viewer - the most powerfull marketing tool in the business.

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